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Unique Rooms at Leon - Hostal De San Marcos


The Quevedo room at the Parador Hostal San Marcos of Leon is one of the largest and most comfortable rooms at this historic building which has been both a convent and a prison, where the prestigious writer Francisco de Quevedo was held for 4 years. The Suite is set in the centre of the Plateresque façade and has two balconies that overlook the square, being just over the main entrance. There are two dreamlike four poster beds and a carved door leading to a living room with mirrors, tables, tapestries and showcases carved in fine woods.


The Torreón room enjoys the unique quality of being one of the turrets on the spectacular Plateresque façade to this charming hotel. It is necessary to go up a few steps to enter the room and, like a merlon, the luxury room appears at the very top with a marvellous four poster bed and a small lounge area. The balconies overlook the beautiful Plaza de San Marcos and the stunning Roman bridge crossing the River Bernesga and separating the city of Leon in two. The bathroom is just as luxurious, taking care of all the details and housing a large round hydro-massage bath accessed by a few small steps. A Unique Room.

About Parador of Leon - Hostal De San Marcos :
Pza. de San Marcos, 7
Leon, Leon 24001

Some of the most prestigious architects and sculptors in the country and neighboring France worked on the carved façade, cloister, church and magnificent choir stalls. Its thick walls bore witness to important episodes in our history: they hosted the order’s chapter meetings, served as a place of confinement for such illustrious figures as writer Francisco Quevedo, and witnessed tragic periods, including its use as a concentration camp during the Spanish Civil War.

Over many centuries, as the friars tended the battered bodies of pilgrims, the knights of the order retook the peninsula from the Arabs. San Marcos was like a city in miniature, with animal pens, gardens, storehouses, stables, a wine cellar and a jail, as well as a corps of clerics, health workers and servants.

Today, the Hostal continues to take in travelers from all over the world, offering them the opportunity to experience history. During a stay in this exceptional building, guests can discover the grandeur of a unique city whose heritage reflects its past status as capital of the kingdom and its key role over so many centuries.

León is blessed with such beautiful treasures as its Gothic cathedral, which contains some of the most gorgeous stained glass windows in Europe; the Romanesque frescoes at San Isidro Collegiate Church, known as the Romanesque Sistine Chapel; and the most impressive Plateresque style façade, that of the Parador itself.

It is difficult to get a true feel for the city without visiting the old quarter, or without enjoying tapas in the Húmedo neighborhood, without strolling through San Martín Square and Las Palomas Square, without following the routes of the Way of St. James, the Roman Route, the Jewish Route and the Route of the Fountains. León is synonymous with eternal beauty, a wonderful legacy of the past which will leave no visitor indifferent.

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