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Unique Rooms at Zafra


Located in the upper cloister. There is a magnificent completely original 16th-17th century coffered ceiling to the entry of the bedroom bordered by the coat of arms of the first Lords of Feria (15th century) and the first Dukes of Feria (17th century). These are signs from the glorious past of the city and the palace. Crossing the bathroom, guests get to a large private terrace overlooking the square with a large window, covered by one of the large grilles so typical of the time, sealed by hammer blows without riveting. The room has a 2x2 bed with carved wooden headboards and all usual features.


The room is located in the Keep itself. Going through the door, a narrow passage leads guests to the old Palace of the Dukes of Feria archive, a singular round space housing the bedroom and a small living room-vantage point. There is a marvellous double four poster bed that stands out under the high vaulted roof. The room also comes with a circular hydro-massage bath.

About Parador of Zafra :
Plaza Corazon de Maria, 7
Zafra, Badajoz 06300

Gates in the outside walls lead to the lovely city of Zafra. One of the most beautiful entrances is through Jerez Gate, where narrow Clavel Street will captivate you. Framed by an arch and decorated with tiles, small balconies bedecked with flowers overlook the street, creating the perfect picture postcard. Strolling through Grande and Chica (Big and Small) squares, the shops along Sevilla Street, the collegiate church, and amazing churches such as Candelaria are just some of the attractions in this town, which is also known as La Sevilla Chica (Little Seville).

Come discover this land of Templars and nobles, villages with simple, charming folk, rich in culture and learned in gastronomy.

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