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  Parador Details
Unique Rooms at Ubeda


The Ducal room is the largest, most welcoming, elegant and comfortable at the Dean Ortega Palace.It benefits from all the services the most demanding of guests may require (including shower and jacuzzi), as well as a large 1.8 x 2 metre bed to make you feel as at ease and comfortable as at home. The room at this charming hotel preserves the original palace flooring, as well as the coffered ceiling and cornice. It also houses a pretty decorative fireplace where the only painting in the palace of the "Constable" himself hangs.

About Parador of Ubeda :
Plaza de Vazquez Molina, s/n
Ubeda, Jaen 23400

Just a short stroll separates the Parador from some of the loveliest buildings in Úbeda, including El Salvador Chapel, the palace of the Marquis of Mancera and Vázquez Molina Palace, now home to the city hall.

The city's wealth of cultural heritage is reflected in its walls, palaces, churches, monasteries and convents. Begin your tour on Redonda de Miradores Street, Úbeda's viewpoint overlooking a sea of olive trees. Continue along its winding streets, visiting antique shops, museums, neighborhoods such as San Millán, and picturesque Valencia Street, where you can still find artisan potters working in their shops. You will discover a truly unique place.

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