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Unique Rooms at Chinchon


In the former chapel of the monastery there's room 140, dedicated to King Philip V, who was crowned in Chinchón's Plaza Mayor on 3 August, 1706. The room has an impressive vault, over 7 metres high, a huge window overlooking a splendid loquat garden, wallpapers that remind us of the Aranjuez gardens, and ornate wrought-iron furniture. The bathroom is really unique. With a vaulted ceiling, it combines modern and old accents in its Baroque details and its original avant-garde lighting devices, washbasins, and accessories. All these features make a room like no other in the world, in which guests can enjoy the peace that has always been characteristic of monasteries and of Paradores as well.


This room bears the name of the person who, many centuries ago, made construction of the convent - today the incomparable setting of the Parador of Chinchón - possible.


With its unbeatable views over the gardens at this charming hotel and the castle, the Prior room offers guests comfort and relaxation reaching new levels thanks to the spacious private living room and the full bathroom suite with all the comforts including, of course, hydro-massage.

About Parador of Chinchon :
Los Huertos, 1
Chinchon, Madrid 28370

Ancestral homes, gorgeous courtyards and galleries supported by lovely columns make Chinchón a uniquely beautiful town. In the center you will find sights such as the Torre del Reloj (Clock Tower), Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Church, the convent of the Sisters of St. Clare and the baroque Casa de la Cadena building.

You can take a relaxing walk around one of the nearby small oases: Laguna de San Juan, Laguna de San Galindo or Laguna de Casasola. On the south side of the last of these pools stand the ruins of Casasola Castle, overlooking the landscape from a hill. It is well worth the climb to feel the gentle caress of the breeze and experience the silence.

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