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Unique Rooms at Cardona


The Cardona room is located over the former arsenal at the fort and stands out thanks to the stunning vault and two large windows facing east and south. The feudal lords would watch over their main source of wealth "La Sal" from here. The large 2x2m four poster iron bed to the interior adds a special mediaeval charm to this Unique Room, harking back to the origins of the castle. The bathroom with hydro-massage bath will make guests feel like kings at this charming hotel.


The Monserrat room at the Parador of Cardona, as it names indicates, has a privileged view out over the highest peaks on Monserrat mountain - the most emblematic in Catalonia. A mediaeval atmosphere with lots of light and the most up-to-date services frame this room with its majestic double four poster bed in ancient wood and a small lounge. All this extols the charm of the Unique Room at this hotel.


The San Ramón room at the Parador of Cardona is located beside the 17th-century Chapel bearing its name and the old pilgrims hospital. The entire valley and the former mine that brought life to the town until the present can be appreciated. Due to its location and the reduced structural size, it is perhaps the most intimate and cosy at the charming hotel. The rustic wooden four poster double bed will make guests fell like true kings.

About Parador of Cardona :
Castell de Cardona, s/n
Cardona, Barcelona 08261

Cardona has retained all the charm of a medieval town. It is filled with incomparably beautiful spots and narrow side streets that you will want to explore every inch of. Here you can pay a visit to Montaña de Sal Cultural Park, an old salt mine with spectacular interior galleries, where you can tour the museum and see the old shaft machinery. The different folds and veins of the salt deposit and the wide variety of minerals contribute to the spectacular nature of this site, making it unique in the world. You will love it.

The Parador de Cardona is the ideal setting-off point for hiking or bicycle trails, including Los Molinos de la Sal (The Salt Mills), which runs past three old stone mills beside the Cardener River. Other nature trails you can enjoy include the Vía Salaria (Salt Road), the Camino de los Monjes (Monks' Trail) and the Camino de la Frontera (Border Trail), which will guide you along the paths that once ran around the territories on the former border with Muslim Al-Andalus.

At the Parador de Cardona, we offer you a one-of-a-kind experience: you will be reunited with tranquility, nature and history and enjoy all the delights of Catalan cuisine. If you visit us, you are sure to return.

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