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  Parador Details
Unique Rooms at Baiona


This Unique Room is one of the largest at this charming hotel. The large west-facing windows mean it is possible to enjoy a splendid view out over the breakwater and the ocean with its series of ever-changing hues leading to the faintest violets at sunset. Measuring over 90 square metres, it has a large bedroom with a 2x2 m four poster bed, a private lounge and a large bathroom with a hydro-massage bath. The welcoming décor is a highlight, inviting guests to sit back and read or contemplate the splendid Atlantic lapping below.


This is one of the brightest rooms at this charming hotel with its five large west-facing windows providing an impressive panoramic view over the mount housing the monument to La Virgen de la Roca. Moving your gaze to the right, the area around Silleiro Cape, the open water and the nascent present of the Cíes Islands may be appreciated. The evenings are unique thanks to the play of light and the murmur of the ocean whilst the sun sets slowly into the sea, producing a light spectacular. Measuring over 90 square metres, there is a large bedroom with a 2x2 m four poster bed, a private lounge and a large bathroom with a hydro-massage bed.


This room offers spectacular views thanks to its splendid circular balcony overlooking the entire bay. Some of the room's attractions are the original wooden floor, the four poster bed and the hydro-massage bath. For this reason, many famous figures from kings, princes, presidents, Nobel prize winners and international artists, amongst others, have stayed here.

About Parador of Baiona :
Avenida Arquitecto Jesus Valverde, 3
Baiona, Pontevedra 36300

Elegance is a key feature of every room of the Parador. The stately function rooms, spacious guest rooms with sea views and spectacular stone staircase that welcomes you at the entrance are just a few examples of the majesty of this medieval fortress. The Parador de Baiona offers perfect function rooms for your celebrations, with space for up to 400 people. An intimate ambiance, exquisite décor, well-kept gardens and an idyllic landscape make this a truly unique spot. 

If you enjoy hiking or love water sports, this is your Parador. The Baiona Royal Yacht Club is located inside the walled area of the town, offering the opportunity for sailing or nautical tourism. You won't want to leave Baiona without walking the Monte do Boi path and the Serra da Groba mountains, without seeing the sunset from Cape Silleiro or without visiting the Virgen da Roca viewpoint.

In Baiona you will find peace and quiet, as well as an urban environment. This is the ideal destination if you are looking for a lively atmosphere on summer nights; you can enjoy a drink at terrace cafés by the sea and many popular nightspots. The regional cuisine will be a pleasure for your senses. Try the fish and seafood, they are magnificent.

Baiona is also known as Villa de la Arribada (Port of Entry), as it was the first town in Europe to learn of the discovery of America. To the south, the Rías Baixas region offers you spectacular locations, including Oia Monastery, built atop the rocks by the sea, forever gazing out at the horizon and splashed by salt water.

The fishing village of A Guarda is only a few kilometers away. It is crowned by the Celtic fortified settlement of Santa Tecla, from which you can get a view of the spectacular mouth of the Miño River, where Galicia and Portugal meet. And if you have got this far, you might even feel like heading south to Portugal's Costa Verde region, where the beaches are endless and pine woods embrace the sea.

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