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Unique Rooms at Alarcon


Located at the top of the Castle Keep, room 106 is dedicated to Infante Don Juan Manuel (nephew of King Alfono X El Sabio). The bedroom stands out thanks to its ceiling and Roman vault running from the floor which gives the room a magical medieval fortress feel. The most individual feature making it a Unique Room is the private access to the old lower Watchtower with the unbeatable views this charming hotel provides its guests.

About Parador of Alarcon :
Avda. Amigos de los Castillos, 3
Alarcon, Cuenca 16214

The waters of the Júcar River are ideal for fishing. The river slows as it passes Alarcón, flowing through many delightful spots, and encircling and protecting the town's former fortress. Santa María Church is a must-see and features one of the best preserved Renaissance altarpieces.  Castañeda Palace, the Alarcón Mural Painting Center for Contemporary Art, Don Juan Manuel Square and Santo Domingo de Silos Church are other sights you will want to visit.

Hiking through the Alarcón Gorge will take you to many beautiful locations. There are two wonderful options: a long-distance footpath following the route of the Júcar River, and a short-distance footpath that skirts Alarcón, offering lovely views.

180 km from Madrid and 170 km from Valencia, this is an ideal spot to spend a weekend and get away from it all. All you have to do is get out of the city and relax, Alarcón and our Parador will take care of the rest.

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