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Belmond Grand Hibernian Grand Tour Of Ireland (Southbound) (7 Nights / 8 Days)

Immerse yourself in Irish culture and history aboard the luxurious Belmond Grand Hibernian.From the Lavish, Georgian- inspired accommodation and world class cuisine to the final farewell dinner, every moment with us promises a everlasting memory. Lose yourself in the timeless enchantment of Ireland aboard the Belmond Grand Hibernian.


Travel Tips & FAQ's

Luggage and Storage on Board

Cabins have limited space, therefore we recommend each guest travels with one suitcase and one carry-on bag.

What to Wear

For daytime excursions and relaxing on board, we suggest casual, comfortable attire. In the evening, most gentlemen were a jacket and tie for dinner although it is not required.

Travel Insurance

We recommend you arrange suitable insurance to cover personal belongings, cancellation/interruption, medical and luggage. Details of cancellation policies can be found in our booking conditions.

Passports and Visas

You must have a valid passport that will remain valid beyond the duration of your journey. Depending on which country issues your passport, you may need a visa for entry into Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK). Please check with your travel agent or government agency before travelling.

Children and Pets

Belmond Grand Hibernian offers a wheelchair accessible cabin. However, those with restricted mobility are asked to contact us directly to discuss the suitability of the journey.

Wheelchair Access

 A first aid kit is carried on board for emergency use. If it becomes apparent that a doctor is required, please inform the Train Manager who will arrange for the passenger to alight at the next station enabling medical attention.

Special Diets and Allergies

Special diets can be accommodated. Please be sure to tell us in advance of any allergies, food related or otherwise.


Please advise the Belmond Grand Hibernian office or your travel agent of any health restrictions before travelling. No specific vaccinations are required for entry into Eire or Northern Ireland (UK). It is advised, however, that you consult your doctor or physician for requirements based on your travel itinerary, or for any personal health recommendations relating to your journey.
Please note that there are no professional medical facilities aboard the Belmond Grand Hibernian.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted on board.


There are electrical outlets in all cabins. Electricity in the UK runs on 220/240 volts. You may wish to bring an adaptor for electrical appliances.
1 . What is the history of Belmond Grand Hibernian?

Belmond Grand Hibernian is the latest addition to Belmond’s line of luxury trains. Unlike Belmond’s Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, which has carriages that have been operating across Europe since the 1920’s, the Belmond Grand Hibernian is not a vintage train. Originally built in the 1960s, the train has been renovated and will make its first trip in August of 2016. The next year, Hibernian’s season will be set to run from April through October.

2 . Why is it called the Hibernian?

Hibernia is the classical Latin word for Ireland, where this train travels.  

3 . Describe the cabin accommodations on the Belmond Grand Hibernian.

Belmond Grand Hibernian uses 5 carriages containing a total of 16 twin cabins and 4 doubles, each of which is en suite. Each room also contains a writing desk, a wardrobe, and a large chair. There are also large windows in each room to view the passing countryside. Hibernian is unique for featuring distinct names and decorative themes for each cabin, based on the counties of Ireland. For larger families, the double cabins may all be linked up with twin cabins. One of the cabins on board may also accommodates wheelchair access.  


4 . Does the train move at night?

No, the Belmond Grand Hibernian is stationary at night, providing greater comfort for a better night’s sleep. You are also able to step off the train once stabled for the night.

5 . How many passengers does the Hibernian accommodate?

40 passengers are divided between 16 twin cabins and 4 doubles.

6 . What is the staff to guest ratio on the Belmond Grand Hibernian?

The staffing details are still being finalized, but Belmond projects roughly a 1 to 1.5 staff to guest ratio.

7 . Describe the decor of the Belmond Grand Hibernian.

This contemporary luxury train still bases itself upon classic Dublin and Georgian architecture. You will be greeted by soft, warm colors, tartans and tweeds representing the counties you traverse, and suggestions of Ireland’s rich folklore.

8 . Describe my dining options on board the Belmond Grand Hibernian?

Belmond Grand Hibernian features two unique dining carriages named for the Wexford and Sligo counties of Ireland. Wexford is a lightly colored carriage, decorated with tweed and other Irish motifs, featuring tables of six. Sligo’s decor is composed of chrome colors, relaxing grays, and elegant crystal vases atop tables of four, lending the space a more intimate feel. These dining cars both feature authentic Irish cuisine, relying upon fresh, local products based on the regions the train passes through. Each dining car can seat 20 passengers in family style dining.

9 . How much time on average is each meal on the Belmond Grand Hibernian?

Meals will typically take place during a two hour window. Meal times may vary day to day according to the itinerary.

10 . Can Belmond Grand Hibernian accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, just notify Palace Tours at the time of booking and Belmond Grand Hibernian will be able to accommodate a wide range of special dietary needs.  

11 . What other carriages are part of the Belmond Grand Hibernian?

The Belmond Grand Hibernian features a warmly decorated Observation Car, doubling as a Bar Car, which is designed in the style of a Dublin Saloon. As you sit back with a glass of local whiskey, look through the large windows and drink in the passing countryside as you converse with your fellow guests. Local musical and storytelling entertainment will be centered in this car. This car can comfortably hold 40 passengers.

12 . Are drinks included in the fare price?

Yes, all drinks are included in the overall price.

13 . Are there any TVs, or WIFI on board?

No, there are no TVs and no WIFI connection on board. The reasons are partly deliberate and partly logistical. Travelers are encouraged to get to know each other, converse, and take in the rich scenery around them.

14 . What is the electricity on board the train?

There are electrical outlets in all cabins. Electricity in the Eire/UK runs on 220/240 volts. You may wish to bring an adapter for electrical appliances.

15 . What types of attire are acceptable on the Belmond Grand Hibernian?

Attire is smart casual on board the train, however, formal wear is advised for a special farewell dinner to conclude each journey. Also, dress appropriately for outdoor excursions.

16 . What languages are spoken on board?

Most Western European languages will be available. If a translator is needed, please contact Palace Tours to request at the time of booking.

17 . Describe the demographics of the typical passenger on board Belmond Grand Hibernian.

Belmond trains are particularly popular among tourists over the age of 40. In recent years however, younger clientele are becoming increasingly represented on the train as well.


18 . What are some of the sights I will see along the way?

The destinations you experience will depend upon which tour you choose, however, all tours are based from the city of Dublin. As you traverse Ireland, you are sure to witness the beautiful green countryside, castles, causeways, and coastal areas as well. To get a better sense of the destinations offered, contact Palace Tours for more information.

19 . Do I need a passport and/or visa?

You must have a valid passport that will remain valid beyond the duration of your journey. Depending on which country issues your passport, you may need a visa for entry into Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK). Please check with your travel agent or government agency before travelling.

20 . What currency do I need on board?

It is recommended that passengers have a small number of Euros for on board purchases. However, most major currencies are accepted, as well as travelers’ cheques, Eurocheques and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB). The exchange rate on board is displayed in the Bar Car.

21 . Describe tipping on the Belmond Grand Hibernian, as well as on the excursions.

Tipping is not required on the tour, regardless of the cities visited. You may feel free to do so as your tipping culture suggests, but it is ultimately discretionary.

22 . Can I smoke on board?

No. To comply with European regulations, Belmond Grand Hibernian operates a no smoking policy on board the train.

23 . Is it possible to customize my tour?

Yes, days may be added at the beginnings or ends of these tours to accommodate golf trips and other unique excursions. A few rounds of golf can be arranged around any number of Ireland’s world renowned courses. There are also offers, such as “Ireland Holidays,” in Dublin for clients looking to extend their stay either before or after their train tour. Your stay in a luxury hotel and tours of the city will be arranged for you. You are given a prime location to experience the finest shops, cafes, and other sites in the capital. Simply contact Palace Tours to discuss what you would like to add, and we will hammer out the details for you.   

24 . Is travel insurance required?

Contact Palace Tours if you need to purchase travel insurance. When traveling on the Royal Scotsman luxury train we recommend insurance cover for personal belongings and your luggage. Insurance will often times also cover any charges associated with the cancellation/interruption of tours and any medical bills. Details of cancellation policies can be found in our booking conditions.

25 . Does Belmond Grand Hibernian have any special offers for its trips?

Yes, contact Palace Tours for more information

26 . Are there any special rates for children?

Special rates are possible for children under 12 years old. Contact Palace Tours for information on these rates.

27 . Are pets allowed on the train?

For safety reasons, pets are not allowed on the train.

28 . I’d like to contact Palace Tours directly, what is their phone number?

Phone: (609)-683-5018; email:

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