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San Fermin - Running of the Bulls & Opening Ceremony Package 2019 (3 Nights / 4 Days)

Once in a lifetime experience! Join the essentials tour of San Fermin's Running of the Bulls and witness one of the most popular festivals in Spain.

4 days of San Fermin Highlights: 

  • Starting July 5th in Pamplona
  • Experience the official start of the San Fermin Festival from your choice between a VIP balcony (VIP Class) or you can join the excitement in the crowd (luxury class)
  • Roof-top view of the evening Fireworks
  • Watch Running of the Bulls from the best view in Pamplona.
  • Accommodations 
  • Watch first hand and enjoy the experience that everyone talks about!
Travel Tips & FAQ's
The Tour:
What is the difference between VIP class and Luxury class?
VIP tour includes a view from a balcony during the Opening ceremony.This option is more relaxed with a panoramic view of ceremony.Includes a glass of champagne
Luxury class is will be in the crowd during the opening ceremony. This option will require you to stand for minimum 2 hrs and is more interactive ceremonial experience
Is this trip suitable for seniors?
Yes. Our luxury tours in Spain are particularly popular among tourists over the age of 50. In recent years, younger clientele are becoming increasingly represented on the tours as well.

As we expect the majority of passengers to be over 50, we have designed the tour to include activities and accommodations best suited for our guests as well as to provide upscale service throughout the trip.
What about young adults?
In the past we have had families with teenage children go on this tour and have received positive feedback. There are many interesting things to do as a family throughout the trip.
What about children?
Children are permitted on the tour, however we typically do not receive bookings for families traveling with young children. As each child is different, we leave it up to the parents to decide if this type of trip would be of interest to their child.
When / how soon should I book?

We recommend booking as soon as possible if you have strong preferences for room type. If this tour is something that you are interested in, we suggest reserving your spot now, as it is likely to sell out quickly.
Is this tour wheelchair acceptable?
Up to 2/3 wheelchairs can be made available upon special request for guests with difficulties walking or who tire easily and would like a wheelchair during off train excursions. A certain degree of mobility is expected for guests to fully enjoy the tour. Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to request a wheelchair for use during excursions.
What is the weather like?
Spain experiences a mild oceanic climate, with not too many extreme temperatures. July tends to be a warm month. Please bring along a light jacket or for chilly evenings, and sun protection for warm afternoons.
Is there an option to attend a bullfight?
Yes, there are multiple opportunities to view a bullfight on this tour. Bullfights are completely optional and entrance tickets are not included in the cost of the tour.  Guests can expect to pay about 200 Euro per ticket for low level seats. Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to attend a bullfight, so we can make reservations accordingly.
For people not interested in watching a bullfight, what other activities are available?

We understand and respect our guests’ decision to either attend or not attend bullfights. Other optional activities will be made available such as cooking classes or visits to the wine country. These activities will be based on the requests and interests of our guests and will be available about 3 months prior to the start date of the tour. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have a particular interest or idea for an activity.

Guest also have the option to enjoy Pamplona and the San Fermin festivities on their as well.
How much should I expect to tip?
Tipping is not mandatory, and is left to the sole discretion of the traveler. This is a decision that should be made based on your enjoyment of the journey and the service.
What are the passport/visa requirements for travel to Spain?
Please ensure that your passport has at least three blank pages and that it is valid for at least six months beyond your departure date from Spain. Please check with your local embassy regarding visa requirements.
When should I plan to arrive?
The meeting time for the tour is in the morning on Friday, July 5th. Full instructions will be printed on your travel voucher. We recommend arriving  at least 1 day prior to your tour so that you may acclimate and relax prior to embarking on your exciting journey.
1 . I am a US Citizen. Do I need a visa to go to Spain?
       No. Citizens of the United States do not need a visa for Spain. All other nationalities should check with the local Spanish consulate for Visa requirements. Palace Tours does not provide Visa service.
2 . How many travelers can fit in each room?
       In a deluxe room, two people can sleep comfortably. If you need more room, you may upgrade to a suite to comfortably service three people. This option is especially attractive to parents travelling with a child. If you are travelling with more than one child or more than three people, you will need to reserve two rooms. 
3 . Are the cities wheelchair accessible?

Yes, they are. Many cities have cobblestone streets and the person with the wheelchair would need someone who is able to help them on these more difficult streets. The monuments are wheelchair accessible, but many do not have elevators and if there is a floor higher than ground level it may not be accessible. 

4 . Is the cuisine in Spain dietary restriction friendly?

Spanish cuisine’s staples are often ham, seafood, and wheat products. While being a vegetarian in Spain is not easy, it is doable! One classic dish from Spain is the Spanish omelets, which is made with eggs and potatoes. Now vegetarian restaurants are popping up all over Spain to accommodate more people. You can find other classic dishes made without meat, such as paella and cocido. Before ordering a drink in Andalucia, where a complimentary tapa is customary, be sure to mention any dietary restrictions you may have. 

5 . What type of clothes should we pack?

This depends on the time of year you are going. All year long we suggest packing comfortable walking shoes, and in the spring and fall to wear layers. In those seasons it’s often chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon sun. Sunglasses are recommended as well, as the sun in Spain is very strong. 

6 . Is it customary to tip people in Spain?

While the tipping culture is nothing like the United States, it is typical to tip a euro or two at a restaurant if you are a) a large group of people dining, or b) you really loved the service and the restaurant! 

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